Welcome to BR Reawakening, a beacon of hope for couples seeking to rejuvenate their relationships with their spouse. Founded by Mr. Ranjeet Singh two decades ago, our mission is to help 100,000 married couples back to the path of love and harmony.

BR Reawakening started as a local endeavor (Mumbai city only), but the digital age propelled us to offer our services online across India.

With Mr. Ranjeet Singh’s visionary leadership, we’ve revolutionized relationship coaching and counseling in a society that once relied solely on compromise.

Introducing our team at BR Reawakening

Mr. Ranjeet Singh

Our Founder & CEO, with 20+ years of experience in Relationship Counseling, is also a renowned author and motivational speaker

Dr. Nelson Dsouza

Internationally certified mind expert, certified master healer, and author with 10+ years of experience

Dr. Harleen Kaur

Certified marriage therapist with 5+ years of experience in relationship counseling and coaching

Our approach is simple, We believe that balancing and correcting emotional and mental behavior are the keys to achieving relationship harmony.

Our coaching, counseling, and healing framework is designed to lead you to a place of unity filled with love, happiness, and success.

We consider our clients not just as customers but as members of our divinely guided family.

Begin your journey by scheduling a FREE consultation with our experts. Let’s explore how we can help you to rediscover love, happiness, and success in your relationship.

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