Restoring Peace, Happiness & More Success in the Lives of Busy Working Couples

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How Personal Growth Will Heal Your Relationship?

Personal growth is the path to creating everything you want and deserve: Healthy relationships, authentic happiness, professional success, and the clarity and confidence to move forward fearlessly into the life you want.

BR Reawakening is a collective of highly effective therapists specializing in positive, productive counseling and coaching for Love, Happiness, and Success.

If you’re ready to grow, we can help you make it happen


Love Your Relationship

We are relationship counseling specialists — marriage and family therapists with specialized education and expertise in creating strong, healthy relationships.

We provide marriage counseling, couples therapy, relationship coaching, premarital counseling, parent coaching, and more.

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Grow Into Your Best Self

Our warm, insightful therapists use effective, evidence-based therapy and powerful life coaching techniques to help you grow and make real and lasting change.

Our positive approach emphasizes personal growth and healthy relationships. We provide online therapy, relationship counseling and divorce recovery support, and transformational life coaching to move you forward.

We can help you move past your past, and grow into the person you want to be.

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Design Your Life

Our professional development specialists are therapists with specialized education and expertise in relationship counseling, emotional intelligence coaching, and leadership coaching.

We take a holistic perspective on making relationships better. Our whole-life approach prioritizes your wellness, values, and growth trajectory — leading to authentic success in every aspect of your life, both personally and professionally.

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We Are Relationship Experts

What Our Clients Say About Coaching, Counseling, and Healing With Us

How We Help You Grow?


Our coaching sessions offer tailored guidance to married working couples, addressing the specific challenges they face. Our coaches provide practical strategies for effective communication, conflict resolution, and goal setting, helping couples strengthen their bond.


Our counseling services create a safe space for couples to openly discuss their emotions and concerns. Our experienced counselors help couples identify underlying issues, improve emotional connection, and develop strategies to enhance their relationship’s well-being.


Through holistic practices like mindfulness and relaxation exercises, our healing approach promotes emotional wellness. We help couples manage stress, let go of past issues, and foster a renewed sense of positivity and harmony in their relationship.

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